Money Flow Forever
Over the past 5 years of being #AmericasLifeCoach...

One problem has come to the surface more than any other.

In applications.

In messenger conversations.

In Q&As.

In livestreams. 

In sessions with clients.


Money problems of all kinds.
This Includes - 
 massive debt (and the guilt that comes with it)
 deep regret over past bad investments that didn't work out or get you what you expected
 a seeming inability to save any money ever
 income ceilings that you just can't cross
 not being able to sell anything even if your life (or rent money) depended on it
 not having the money to make the investments you want
 feeling limited in all your lifestyle choices based on your bank account
 struggling to get your business off the ground
 plateauing at the same number again and again with income
 no matter how much money you make, you never keep any of it
 Etc. Etc. Etc.
Summarized simply:

It's not just a big issue clients have come to me with,

though that is certainly the case.

I've empowered countless clients to change their money reality completely over the years.

But the heartbreaking thing is,

Money has been the #1 issue

that has PREVENTED people

from being able to be my clients.
"I would love to work with you, but the money just isn't there"

I've heard some variation of that LITERALLY thousands of times.
Money becomes the default story, an automatic reason, even an excuse why we can't live our best lives.

That's where many of you are living.

Money is the most frustrating thing to you right now. 

Even if every other area of your life appears to be working...

This is the one that you just can't seem to figure out.

You've even tried to use everything you know about manifesting to work for you here!

And to no avail.

You're still in the same position you were in a couple of years ago -
or maybe even a much much worse one! 

And that makes you start to wonder....

Maybe other people get to have money but not me?

Maybe I'm just destined to be a lower middle class person, and that's that.

Maybe there's something wrong with me.

Maybe I just can't succeed in business and I need to try something else.

Maybe I don't even need that much money, and I can just accept this and be happy anyway.

I'm here to tell you,


Those are just thoughts in your head coming from wounds and fear and self doubt.
You can have absolutely anything you want.
Including money.
All things are given you.
You just have to learn how to receive the "all things".
And I want to help you get there asap.
Sound good?
I am here to help you create a MONEY FLOW FOREVER in your life. 

That is the intention of this program.

And if you enter it with an open heart and do the work,

that is what you will walk away with.

How can I be sure of that?

Especially when you've tried so many things in the past and nothing seems to work for you?

Because this is something I have learned, practiced, coached, taught, and mastered for years.

Not just for myself but for my clients.
My Journey into Money Flow
In early 2016, I was in a great place in terms of business, leadership, and energy...

but the money stuff was still all over the place.

I was terrified to check my bank account in the morning.

I had no clue where the numbers of my business were at.

I overspent and over-gave (yes, a totally real thing) all the time.

I couldn't save any money at all.

I never felt any stability whatsoever around my finances.

I believed my internal story that I was horrible at making money, saving money, and managing money.

And while things looked great on the outside to people...
I got an eviction notice put on my door,  
had no clue how I was going to pay rent, 
and ended up sobbing on my living room floor. 

Real talk: it was one of the darkest, 
most emotionally brutal moments of my life.
This was the moment my mom told me to get a job. 

This was the moment I almost gave up on the business thing entirely, though I knew I could impact people powerfully.

This was the moment I could've just concluded I wasn't meant to succeed.


This was the moment I decided I had to figure this money thing out.

I read three books that changed my life.

I explored the energy of what was going on.

I did the work.

I developed a money practice for myself and committed to it daily.

I began to consciously work on and improve my relationship to money.

I learned how to create a flow of money in my life.

I learned how to trust the flow.

I learned how to expand the flow.

I drew a line in the sand and said,
"I am now in the flow of money from this day forward."

I even bought a new wallet to remind myself subconsciously that this was now the case.

And I'm here to tell you,

several years later,

I've been in the flow of money ever since.

What does that mean tangibly and specifically?

I have never gone without in any way since,

and on the contrary,

have continued to make more and more and more money ever since.

That's the flow.

This is my story

I make more now than I ever dreamed possible.

Over 1,000x an hour more than I used to make for Disney.

My business has exploded.

America's Life Coach is an international phenomenon.

I've gotten opportunities and experiences I never would've dreamed of.

I have two beautiful homes - one in Los Angeles and one in Nashville.

And I get to GIVE more to charity per year than I used to MAKE in an entire year.

That is the flow at work!

It's not just my results that matter here, though.

I get that.

And I would never be selling something that just worked for me.
So let's talk about a few things my clients have experienced...
 Going from continual money crisis to entering their first million dollar year.
 Having their first six figure launch ever and hitting six figures in the first 15 minutes.
 Being offered hundreds of thousands of dollars of unexpected contracts and proposals.
 Getting paid extravagantly for things they never ever imagined.
 Being able to 2x, 5x, 10, 50x their prices as entrepreneurs and have people joyfully pay.
 Making 116X more per month than they made prior to working with me around their money stuff.
 Etc. etc. etc. 
"DO IT. If you're on the fence do it. It's better than any teaching around money I've ever experienced, in 15 years of personal development" - Client and Fellow Life and Business Coach Testimonial
The point is, 

I didn't wake up today and decide maybe I could teach about money.

I have worked on this, learned this, mastered this, taught this, coached this, practiced this, and LIVED this with my team and my clients for the past 5 years.

Specifically, I have been in the continuous flow of money

with these beliefs, rituals, daily practice, and habits

for over 2 years now.

The flow of money just grows larger and larger and larger in my life.

Every year since the flow has been in place,

my income has AT LEAST doubled, if not more.

We're currently set to end this year 5x higher than last year.

I am ready for this to be your experience.

For the flow to be your new normal.

You in?
Let's solve this problem once and for all.

This is not just one more program to add to the list of 
things you’ve tried.

This is the one that ends the nightmare.

You were not intended to use your God-given energy to 
continually stress about money!

I don't want you to have this excuse anymore.

I don't want you to have this pain anymore.

I don't want you to have this fear in your life anymore.

It is simply not what you were created for.

I promise you that!

And I no longer want you to have to wait to get my help

until you can afford to become a 1-on-1 client of mine.

This is a solution available to you NOW.
Join me over the next few weeks. I will teach you:
 why money seems to hate you and not work for you
 why the Law of Attraction alone hasn't fixed your issues
 how to get into the flow of money permanently, starting TODAY
 exactly what I do step by step in my daily money practice
 the only two things you need to bring anything new into your reality
 what I do to overcome the fear, doubt, and worry if and when it pops up
 how to handle a moment of being stuck or feeling like you're not making any progress
 how to KNOW that more money is always coming back to you and create it
 the spiritual laws and principles that only 1% of people are talking about in the money conversation
 what keeps money away from you and what draws it to you
 exactly what I used to clear my first income ceiling to hit $10K months
 what you must believe about God/The Universe in order to receive money easily
 how to effortless receive money as a part of your life and who you are
 how to forgive yourself for debt and clear it from your life
 how to sell with confident clean energy and feel amazing about every sale
 And a whole lot more!
About Stephen
They don’t call him America’s Life Coach for nothing.
From working with billionaires, Hollywood stars, and hundreds of international clients, Stephen Lovegrove continues to be the fastest growing name in the personal development arena.

This multi-awarded life coach started out in ministry school and was training to become a pastor. Little did he know, he would still be in the service of helping other people come home to the best version of themselves and find a closer connection to God.

Stephen sought peace and self-actualization for a long time, and with four years clocked in for therapy, he was always wondering how long it would take to find that peace and fulfillment.

During this process, he met a life coach in New York City—the first one he’d ever met—and then realized it was helping him move forward faster and further than his other efforts to heal. That experience also gave him the idea that maybe this is something he had potential to do too, as he always wanted to do healing work in the world. Eventually, this newfound career became his outlet for empowering people and helping them make their dreams come true.

After a few hurdles, thousands of dollars wasted, and his first digital product – a training course – that drove his company deep in debt for the first year, he decided to officially work with people in a 1-on-1 capacity - what had always excited him the most, and he devoted his career into bringing more meaning to people’s lives. “Trust the process,” they said. And truly, nothing was done in vain.

Today, Stephen is an exclusive coach for a network of billionaires and celebrities, leads a done-for-you spiritual support service for the elite, and has co-founded a spiritual community nonprofit in Nashville called Imaginarium.

He is the author of an international bestseller and the host of “City of Angels: Conversations That Heal LA,” which airs on Focus TV.

His powerful 1:1 coaching is widely praised for how it supports leaders in doing the real inner work that everyone needs when they’re about to make big leaps forward in their lives.

Stephen’s clients attest to a complete change of their sense of identity and the way they show up in the world. Never mind if they’re a hundred million dollar businessman, a megachurch pastor, or a TV actor (Not bad for a “gay kid in a fundamentalist cult in the South”, if you ask me.)

“When they change, everything else miraculously seems to change in their world.”

He is known to give them not just actionable tips and tricks…less of what to do, but a whole new way to be.

His biggest wins do not only include business milestones such as coaching people to six figure launches, their first million-dollar year, landing big name clients such as Forbes, or one who makes 116x more now than they did before working with Stephen (true story). They also include gigantic life detours such as going from being suicidal and depressed to happy and fulfilled, getting back the spouse that they fell in love with, and even skin clearing completely.

Aside from personally working with leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, Stephen also supports various campaigns and charities for human rights, hurricane relief, youth empowerment, criminal justice reform, clean water, and spiritual work.

Most people may be surprised to hear that Stephen has achieved all of these all by the age of 25, but it doesn’t look like he’s 
stopping soon. His friends always describe him as outgoing, passionate, earnest, driven, and over-the-top. And we think these may just be the right orchestra for a lifetime’s worth of potential well-maximized.

Stephen’s works were featured on MTV, NBC, Fox, LA Times, OWN, and Huffington Post.

He is based out of Los Angeles, California and Nashville, Tennessee.

If you are ready to embrace your power, claim your destiny, and start moving forward towards the life you've always wanted, 

Stephen is here to give you support, guidance, and accountability.

Let's get started.
I want to work with Stephen:
The Set Up:
This course is run completely online at your own pace!

There is over 15 hours worth of content you will receive over the next nine weeks. Each week you will gain access to a new video including 1-2 modules in each video. This also includes over 85 minutes of BONUS footage.

Once you are a member in this course you will have lifetime access and unlimited replays

You will gain access to the exclusive Money Flow Forever Facebook group upon enrolling.

You will gain immediate access to the Welcome video, Week 1 (Get in the Flow), and all Bonus video footage.

Each week for the next 8 weeks you will gain access to the next set of modules.

If you have any questions e-mail
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