Worthiness Workshop
My Most Popular Program Ever!
"We only receive what we believe we are worthy of."
These words changed my life forever.

When I first heard them, there were certain things I was trying to manifest in my life. 

They all felt somewhat possible, but also .... out of reach, if you will.

Ever been there?

It feels like you're soooooo close, but you just can't quite get there!

Something keeps getting in the way.

Something keeps stopping you.

Something keeps sabotaging it right before the breakthrough.

You definitely feel blocked.

And now you're trying to figure out what the block is and how to overcome it.

I wrote this with you in mind,
because I've been there
and I understand how painful it is to be in that place.

"We only receive what we believe we are worthy of."

Those words were a divine wakeup call to me.

Of course the things I desired were possible.

I knew that on some level.

But if I didn't believe I was worthy of those things,
I wasn't going to let myself receive them.

No wonder I was sabotaging!

If I was ever going to manifest the NEW,
I had to believe I was worthy of it.

Clearly, that was my work.

But how do you get to that place?

I wasn't quite sure.

So I asked my angels for help.

(Yes, I'm the kind of woo woo person who asks my angels for guidance.)

And they certainly delivered.

Their answer is what I share with you in this workshop.


My name is Stephen.

I am known around the world as America's Life Coach.

And I want to help you step into your worthiness.

No matter what your desires or dreams are,

you are inherently worthy of ALL of them.

Every last one.
It's just your job to know it, feel it, and live it!

And this workshop will get you there.
The Details
First, I'm going to teach you all about your own divine worthiness.

There's about 3 hours of teaching in this workshop that you'll want to return to again and again.

But the beauty is, this workshop doesn't require weeks of course work to transform your life!

Most people listen to it all in a single morning or afternoon.

You can experience it once and be changed forever.

After you go through the teaching,
I share with you the exact exercise my angels gave me with incredibly detailed and specific instructions.

What will you learn?
 what makes you worthy of every single one of your desires and dreams
 why you don't have to feel guilty for wanting more 
 how to heal and restore your own relationship to God/a higher power
 how to snap out of any illusion and instantly return to the truth
 why your past efforts to manifest things haven't worked
 how to find your power in less than a minute in any situation
 the way out of fear, stress, and anxiety
 the foundational laws and principles that explain how the entire universe works, including your life
 how to know the difference between knowing your worthiness and narcissism
 how to stop getting tripped up by your circumstances
 the 3 biggest lies that are holding you back
 the universal basis for being worthy
 the specific belief shifts that made all the difference for me
 the 3 most common struggles of my audience and how to overcome them
 and so much more! 
This is the process I've used many times in my own life - at least 7 to be exact!

Whenever I need to shift my own internal vibration around something,
I return to this process and it always works!
What kind of things I use it for?
 working with the number one media coach in the entire world
 quantum leaping my income to be 100x what I used to make per hour
 moving to Los Angeles and starting a new life there
 filling up my client roster and hitting a wait-list
 having a beautiful holiday with family members
 healing persistent stomach issues that were keeping me sick and miserable
 getting my own talk show in Los Angeles
 acquiring a second home in Nashville
 beautiful healing romantic relationship
 always getting to travel first class when I fly around the world
 public speaking invitations
"If you've never experienced the power of my teaching before -  
this is the place to start!" - Stephen
So the bottom line is:
I'm giving you my best stuff here.

If you've never experienced my work before,
this is the perfect place to start.

It is time for you to KNOW you are worthy once and for all.

You become what you believe.

When you believe that you are worthy of it,
it automatically happens.

That's the miracle of this program.

And I've seen it happen for people time and time again.
This program has:
 cleared people's skin
 set them up for their first million dollar year
 brought them powerful opportunities in film and media
 gotten them an endless pipeline of dream clients
 ushered in their best year of business yet
 brought them community and friendship that allowed them to belong for the first time ever
 free trips around the world won
 kids doing chores and cleaning the house on their own
 led to and approved for the dream house on the water
 Etc. Etc. Etc.
The results just keep coming in as people around the world experience the worthiness workshop!

It's my most powerful and popular program yet. 

So don't wait! It's time for you to experience this for yourself. 

Because you already are worthy and you always have been! 

So what are you waiting for? 

I love you and I can't wait to celebrate the miracles with you, 

xo stephen 
How it works
This is an audio course, completely online. 
Immediately available to you after enrolling.
Unlimited, lifetime access.
You will receive access to a private Worthiness Workshop Facebook group.
What course members are saying:
"For Anyone who has an inkling of interest... You will come away COMPLETELY changed!!! The power and potency in this workshop is BEYOND measure!!! I spent the day laughing and crying and receiving and returning to the TRUTH of who I am and what I have been called to do!!! l Stephen, you changed the way I show up for myself and others from this day forth!!! Blessed to be a blessing!!!"
"Thank you for your understanding, validation and encouragement. It's so interesting, that now, after the workshop I already feel like a different person! When I read my post now again, I have this feeling of 'This used to be me.' Wow, so magical, like I totally already stepped into my next level of me."
"I just wanted to say, thank you all for being here and asking the questions that you did. Thank you Stephen, this has totally changed my life. It is so amazing to know there are recovering church go-ers who still love God (however that is defined per person). A huge blessing to be connected with each of you. I am sending love, expansion and prayers to each of you...including you Stephen." - in reference to support for the Worthiness Workshop Facebook group members 
More about Stephen
They don’t call him America’s Life Coach for nothing.

From working with billionaires, Hollywood stars, and hundreds of international clients, Stephen Lovegrove continues to be the fastest growing name in the personal development arena.

This multi-awarded life coach started out in ministry school and was training to become a pastor. Little did he know, he would still be in the service of helping other people come home to the best version of themselves and find a closer connection to God.

Stephen sought peace and self-actualization for a long time, and with four years clocked in for therapy, he was always wondering how long it would take to find that peace and fulfillment.

During this process, he met a life coach in New York City—the first one he’d ever met—and then realized it was helping him move forward faster and further than his other efforts to heal. That experience also gave him the idea that maybe this is something he had potential to do too, as he always wanted to do healing work in the world. Eventually, this newfound career became his outlet for empowering people and helping them make their dreams come true.
After a few hurdles, thousands of dollars wasted, and his first digital product – a training course – that drove his company deep in debt for the first year, he decided to officially work with people in a 1-on-1 capacity - what had always excited him the most, and he devoted his career into bringing more meaning to people’s lives. “Trust the process,” they said. And truly, nothing was done in vain. 

Today, Stephen is an exclusive coach for a network of billionaires and celebrities, leads a done-for-you spiritual support service for the elite, and has co-founded a spiritual community nonprofit in Nashville called Imaginarium. 

He is the author of an international bestseller and the host of “City of Angels: Conversations That Heal LA,” which airs on Focus TV. 

His powerful 1:1 coaching is widely praised for how it supports leaders in doing the real inner work that everyone needs when they’re about to make big leaps forward in their lives. 

Stephen’s clients attest to a complete change of their sense of identity and the way they show up in the world. Never mind if they’re a hundred million dollar businessman, a megachurch pastor, or a TV actor (Not bad for a “gay kid in a fundamentalist cult in the South”, if you ask me.) 

“When they change, everything else miraculously seems to change in their world.” 

He is known to give them not just actionable tips and tricks…less of what to do, but a whole new way to be. 

His biggest wins do not only include business milestones such as coaching people to six figure launches, their first million-dollar year, landing big name clients such as Forbes, or one who makes 116x more now than they did before working with Stephen (true story). They also include gigantic life detours such as going from being suicidal and depressed to happy and fulfilled, getting back the spouse that they fell in love with, and even skin clearing completely. 

Aside from personally working with leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, Stephen also supports various campaigns and charities for human rights, hurricane relief, youth empowerment, criminal justice reform, clean water, and spiritual work. 

Most people may be surprised to hear that Stephen has achieved all of these all by the age of 25, but it doesn’t look like he’s stopping soon. His friends always describe him as outgoing, passionate, earnest, driven, and over-the-top. And we think these may just be the right orchestra for a lifetime’s worth of potential well-maximized. 

Stephen’s works were featured on MTV, NBC, Fox, LA Times, OWN, and Huffington Post. 

He is based out of Los Angeles, California and Nashville, Tennessee. 

If you are ready to embrace your power, claim your destiny, and start moving forward towards the life you've always wanted, Stephen is here to give you support, guidance, and accountability. 

Let's get started.
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